Whether you’re researching how to get started with email marketing or wondering how you can leverage automated email sequences to welcome new subscribers — boy, do we have the how-to’s for you. 

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As a blogger, your email marketing calendar for your weekly newsletters isn’t just a tool — it’s an essential bridge that connects you deeply with your community. A simple plan of action for how you’ll get your new blog content into your audience’s hands will help you consistently deliver value, share resources, and promote products […]

Mastering the Art of Creating an Email Marketing Calendar: A Guide for Bloggers


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and I’m an email marketing strategist, conversion copywriter, and a huge believer in your message and the value you bring to your community through your content.

I know you want to connect — like really, truly connect — with your readers so you can drive traffic to your website and keep them engaged with your brand. To do that, you need to do more than send consistent emails — you need a strategic welcome and nurture sequence that creates immediate connection, puts your best content forward, and paves the way for a long-standing, rich relationship between you and your subscribers.

But I also know that it’s hard to write emails when you’re not quite sure what problem is that you solve, what your audience really wants from you, or how to create an email marketing strategy that could deliver ALL of this in the right way. 

That’s why my goal as your email marketing strategist is to intimately learn your voice, brand, intention, and secret superpowers and blend (all of) that together with conversion copywriting to breathe new life into your email strategy so you can truly nurture and engage your audience.

At the end of the day, I work with prolific content creators — bloggers, TikTokers, influencers, community leaders, podcasters and more — to create strategic, conversion-focused email sequences that promote products and content readers both love and engage with!

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If you’re not welcoming new subscribers and pointing them in the direction of your best, most beloved content — or you feel like the one you have isn’t doing the trick — it’s time we fix that. Use this free 5-part framework to make a meaningful & lasting first impression as you write your first welcome sequence for new email subscribers!

Is Your Welcome Sequence Making a Lasting First Impression?