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Our goal, and unique ability, is to learn the intricacies of your brand and use our skill sets to help you truly, (madly) deeply connect with your audience. We have a superpower of listening to you and creating emails that connect subscribers to the heart of what you do. 

“Figuring out email marketing” shouldn’t be what’s keeping you from building lasting, meaningful, and authentic relationships with your subscribers.

This is where Duett comes running in. Our job is to help you get your email marketing strategy working for you - and working well - so you can connect with your audience, see your engagement improve, and feel good about growing your list (because you know exactly how to deliver the value they’re looking for!).

(Like, really know them)

You Really Should Get to Know Your Email List

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So when we say Duett, what we really mean is we’re not here to commandeer your voice and cookie-cut your content. We’re here to pair our strengths with yours so we can get your email marketing doing its job, and doing it dang well.

A “do it” mentality is vital for getting the thing done and sharing your content through email.



The subject matter expert and creator of exceptional content


Email strategy and copywriting


Duet(t): A “duet” involves two parties, both playing to their own strengths.



In fact, our name has two meanings —

We’re Big on Collaboration + Getting Things Done

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What would it feel like to have a strategy that reflects you, answers your audience’s biggest questions, addresses their needs, and introduces them to your very best resources? Our job is to lock that all the way in, so you can confidently email subscribers because you know exactly what they want.

Get the dang thing done

We write emails that answer your audience’s biggest questions, build trust between you and your subscribers, and point them to your very best content — all while making sure the copy sounds like you! We know that email is the BEST way to contact YOUR people and point them to content they want most.

Put your best content forward

Our goal is to use email to create a dialogue — not a monologue — between you and your subscribers, because you can’t sell to an audience you don’t know or who has no idea who you are and how you can help them. (Not to toot our own horn too much, but we’re really good at helping you communicate that!)

Connect with your audience

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I started a personal finance blog in 2016, and after learning the ropes of online marketing, I now pair my hands-on experience with my degrees in advertising and history to serve my clients. 

What do advertising and history have to do with you and your blog? Advertising is not just billboards and radio spots — it’s learning what people want, why they want it, and how you can give it to them in a way they’ll engage with. And history? It’s not just dates, times, and places — it’s people — like your unique story, or learning how your subscribers’ live, what’s important to them, and how you can relate and empathize with them. This is what you get in your email marketing when you work with Duett — an understanding of your brand and how it serves, connects, nurtures, and shows up for your audience.

I also gratefully hold the spot as the Email Marketing Industry Expert for the Food Blogger Pro membership community, am a Recommended Expert through NerdPress, and have been featured on industry podcasts, including The Copywriter Club Podcast, Systems Saved Me, and the Food Blogger Pro Podcast — plus I’ve spoken at FinCon, Podfest and the Tastemaker Conference.

At the end of the day, I work with prolific content creators — bloggers, TikTokers, influencers, community leaders, podcasters and more — to create strategic, conversion-focused email sequences that promote products and content readers both love and engage with!

I do all of this for bloggers just like you — and me! 

hey there!

and I’m an email marketing strategist, conversion copywriter, and a huge believer in your message and the value you bring to your community through your content.

I know you want to connect — like really, truly connect — with your readers so you can drive traffic to your website and keep them engaged with your brand. To do that, you need to do more than send consistent emails — you need a strategic welcome and nurture sequence that creates immediate connection, puts your best content forward, and paves the way for a long-standing, rich relationship between you and your subscribers.

But I also know that it’s hard to write emails when you’re not quite sure what problem is that you solve, what your audience really wants from you, or how to create an email marketing strategy that could deliver ALL of this in the right way. 

That’s why my goal as your email marketing strategist is to intimately learn your voice, brand, intention, and secret superpowers and blend (all of) that together with conversion copywriting to breathe new life into your email strategy so you can truly nurture and engage your audience.

Hi, I’m Allea (sounds like “Allie”) Grummert —

So, who's running the ship?

I have no sense of smell but can totally taste (trust me!).

I studied in London when I was 22.

I grew up in a town of 118 people in rural Nebraska.

My online journey started as a personal finance blogger in 2016 (yay budgeting!) and that’s when I first explored email marketing.

I can hear a boy band over just about anything, anywhere. It’s truly a remarkable and completely unremarkable skill all at the same time.

Want to get to know a bit more of the real me?

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Yes, we get email, but more importantly we get YOU. We’re able to understand the heart of your brand — and how you uniquely serve your audience — so we can clearly explain that to subscribers so they know exactly what to expect while being on your list.


We get EXCITED about email. We know it backward, forward, and even upside down. We stay on top of what WORKS with email and always implement strategies that last, based on what your audience truly needs.


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We listen. We take the time to understand your business by asking the right questions at the right time and using everything we hear, feel, and see to craft your custom strategy.


We get it DONE. We have served 95 clients (and counting!) and only require your input a few times along the way. We’ve refined our process to a T, so you can trust us to take care of every detail! 


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We put humans first, always. We write to humans, from humans, by humans. We figure out what you want to communicate and shape a message that shares value with your biggest fans.


We value collaboration. If you couldn’t tell by our name, we view our partnership as a duet where everyone’s strengths and input matters. We’ll guide you through our process and make sure the final product accurately reflects the heart behind what you do.


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We base our strategies on research and learning more about your audience. There's a reason for everything we do and include in your email strategy.


We create with the big picture in mind and deliver a high quality final product. No templates or run-of-the-mill content here. Our work is custom to your business and your brand.


brand values

Here’s What You Need to Know About Us

kind words

kind words

- Melissa Fallon

I loved how collaborative our project was & that I felt like I could be part of the process. As a recovering perfectionist who usually knows what I do/don’t like, you guys never made me feel like a pain. I also loved how organized you guys were & how you did all the heavy lifting in terms of organizing all the information, without me feeling like I had to oversee anything myself.

"I Felt Like I Could Really be Part of the Process."

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When You Get Right Down to It

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Through automated sequences — to a list of subscribers that you “own” and not subject to the change of algorithms — it’s a reliable marketing tool you can set up and grow for the long-run. Your list of subscribers is YOUR unique list, and you can reach them at any point — with the click of a button.


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Email can be personalized for each subscriber and their interest or engagement. (As “personal” as Instagram may be, it’s still a one-to-many blast of content.) Email allows you to segment your list and define the journey for each subscriber — based on their interests, needs, or engagement — with intention.

is personal.

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Email allows space to build relationships. You can speak with your people — both to share about yourself but also to listen to what they need. 

Email allows you to know and be known. 

is relational.

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Have a product to launch? Email is verifiably the best way to bring in sales.

Why? Because 99% of email users check their email every day — some up to as many as 20 times a day!³


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Automation does not equal a loss of human touch. Au contraire, mon friend. Automation helps you give the same, intentional, and strategic welcome to each and every one of your subscribers as you grow!


6 / 6

Email helps you get traffic to your newest content in a timely way! This is great for promotions, events, offers, and campaigns. But even BETTER, email is a way to make sure your subscribers hear from you when you publish new content!



We love to see those stats — but here’s what I’m reading between those lines:

Email isn’t going anywhere. Apart from being a content platform you own, the stats don’t lie — almost half of all smartphone users prefer to consume emailed brand content¹, 99% of email users check their inbox daily (and some up to 20 times daily!)², and more than half check their email first thing in the morning³

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