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You’re amazing at what you do and create, but having “email marketing” on your to-do list is getting old, isn't it? 

Together, we’ll create a powerful email strategy that delivers more of what your audience wants and keep them coming back (and clicking through) for more.

Email marketing for bloggers that builds a deeper connection with your audience.

Email Marketing Strategy & Copywriting for Bloggers and Content Creators

You don’t want your emails to be a megaphone in the ears of your audience. You want to have a relationship with your subscribers so you can better serve them, create a community of loyal followers - and create more site traffic and revenue in the process. 

You have dreams of launching a product and know you need a raving fan base to make that a success when the day comes.

You Want to Serve Up Value for Your Subscribers

You’ve created a lot of great content over the years, but the email sequences and automations you have set up now feel outdated and no longer represent the heart of your brand. You know they’re not showing up for you — and the way your audience deserves — the way you really want them to. 

Your Existing Emails Are Outdated or Feel Subpar to Where You Are Now

You’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible with your email marketing. It’s been an afterthought (after all, you’re busy out there creating new content!) or always falling to the bottom of your “to-do” list, but you know it’s important for the long-term health of your business. 

The weight of *not* doing more with your email has you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and like you’re letting down your subscribers (and yourself).

Your Current Email Strategy Feels More Like a Non-Strategy

tell me if this sounds like you...

If you’re a blogger who loves to show up for your audience and want to do that even better, we can help you share your best content with them through email.



Have more confidence to connect and build a community with your subscribers

Engage your subscribers in a way that’s effective and fun

Feel more confident sending emails — because you know you’re actually speaking your audience’s language

Warm up your cold, quiet list with content that engages and connects

Create a friendly, welcoming space your subscribers want to be in

Send emails that solve your subscribers’ biggest problems

Feel less like a stranger sending emails — and more like you’re sending a letter to friends

See an increase in engagement and the number of happy subscribers on your list

Get to know who’s on your list and what they want to hear from you

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Create a space for new subscribers to try new things and be inspired by you

Welcome new subscribers and introduce them to your story and your best offers

Review your current email marketing strategy to identify what’s working and what gaps need to be filled

Make sure your email marketing and systems get done — and done right

Create a pathway for new subscribers to get the most out of their relationship with your brand

Ask your audience the right questions to understand who they are and what they want from you

Segment your list — and personalize your audience’s experience — based on their interests or skill level

Create relevant content to send to your readers so they love to open your emails

Listen to you and your brand to create a content strategy that serves your best, most resourceful content first


The answer is

Can email marketing really help me better connect with my subscribers?

Does my audience really want more emails at all? Even from me?

Can email marketing really work for me without the stress?

But...I know what you're thinking...


If you need fast action — with a pair of expert eyes on your email strategy, existing copywriting or if you need help setting up your automated emails — this 2-hour coworking session is for you!

Email Strategy Intensive


Our team of copywriters and strategists will create a custom 15-email strategy — with emails written and set up FOR you — so you can confidently welcome and nurture new subscribers.

The Duett Debut


Learn what is currently working, what isn’t — and what’s possible — within your existing email marketing strategy. We’ll dive in and deliver action points for you to get things back on track.

Email Strategy Playbook

here's how we can help:

You know email is important - it drives traffic to your blog, directly impacts your ad revenue, and can make it easy to sell something. All of that is great, but what you really want is a deeper, more meaningful connection with the community you love and serve. You know that once that’s in place, it’ll be easier to reach a multitude of goals.

Well, you can think of us as your welcoming committee, helping you effortlessly play the perfect host for your new subscribers with each and every sign-up!

Where Email Marketing Meets “Pour Some Coffee & Stay Awhile”

Let's Duett!

Connect deeply with your subscribers

Feel more confident emailing your best, most relevant content to your list

Consistently lead engaged, excited and eager readers back to your site

We want to get email marketing off of your to-do list so you can…

We’ve helped content creators just like you…


Want to learn how my team and I can support you?

Even better? Automated emails allow you to create an experience like this for each and every individual who joins your email list.

But if you’ve been busy creating kickass content on your site or social platforms, maybe you’ve had “email” on the backburner… just waiting for the day you’ll finally set it up yourself… though it still hasn’t happened…

That’s okay! And that’s 100% why I’m here offering done-for-you email marketing so that you can do more of what you’re best at. We pair our email strategies and copywriting skills — along with your content — to create automated emails that will engage your email subscribers, build brand loyalty, and optimize conversions for sales and site traffic.

My goal is to get you an automated email strategy that feels and sounds like you (something ChatGPT just can’t do), create immense value for your subscribers — and get the daunting task of “doing email” off your list.

email allows you to do this

— founder of Duett, email strategist, conversion copywriter, and all around email tech geek. First things first, I think what you do is incredible — and if everyone could do it, they would be. You provide something unique and immensely valuable in the world, and it’s important to me (and your audience) that your message gets shared far and wide.

But we live in a time of messy social media algorithms, pay-to-play ad costs, and ever-evolving SEO strategies (damn, you, Google) — so reaching your audience when YOU want to comes with some uncertainty.

However… what if you could stay connected with your audience in a way that no one could take away? So, if you wanted to click one button and say “hello,” sell something, or simply serve up some amazing content you know they’d love, you could?

I′m Allea Grummert

(Which leads to happy subscribers, more traffic and higher conversion rates, of course.)

Personal Connection is what Email Marketing is All About

kind words

kind words

- Jenna Arend, Pinch of Yum

Our email marketing strategy had been unchanged for quite some time (like, years!), and we knew it was time for a refresh on the content we were sending to our readers. Now our email marketing has a lot more to offer new subscribers, including higher open and click rates due to the higher quality content.

“Now Our Email Has a Lot More to Offer Subscribers!”

- Sara Dunn, Sara Does SEO

Allea worked so hard to truly understand my voice, my complicated service, and how I liked to present my business. Every time Allea writes for me, she delights me with her knowledge of online business. She doesn't just write what I tell her to but goes above and beyond to suggest additions that make my offers better.

“She delights me with her knowledge!”

- Elena Davis, CucinaByElena

I already had many personal stories on my blog that went with my recipes. The Duett team put together an amazing sequence that represented my brand beautifully. Allea's idea for a pasta course has also been a huge hit!

“The Duett Team put together an amazing sequence!”

Sharon Garofalow, Cupcakes & Cutlery

I am so grateful to Allea and her team for helping me overcome a hurdle I felt like was holding me back. As a blogger, you have to decide what to take the time and become an expert in or outsource every time you add a new aspect to your business. When I came across Allea, I knew that she would be the perfect person to take on my email set up so that I could start off strong on the right foot.

“So grateful to Allea and her team!”

Alexa Peduzzi, Food Blogger Pro

We were just guessing when it came to putting together emails for our list. Now, since working with Duett, we’re no longer blindly sending emails to our entire email list, hoping that what we’re saying will resonate. We’ve asked our list what they want, what their goals are, and what they’re interested in, so we’re sending them exactly that!

“We’re No Longer Blindly Sending Emails”


You’ll connect in meaningful and strategic ways with new subscribers the moment they join your list, so you can start building brand loyalty and traffic with automated emails and every new broadcast you send.

Connect & Engage!



(Your next steps are simple!)

Make the Most of Your Email Marketing Strategy

Tell me more about your current email marketing, book a free Discovery Call, and we'll chat about what's possible for your email marketing — and how our team can help you get there.

meet and greet



We’ll do the heavy lifting for you — from audience research to copywriting and tech setup — completely transforming how you show up and engage with your list!

Revive Your Email Strategy



If you’re not welcoming new subscribers and pointing them in the direction of your best, most beloved content — or you feel like the one you have isn’t doing the trick — it’s time we fix that. Use this free 5-part framework to make a meaningful & lasting first impression as you write your first welcome sequence for new email subscribers!

Is Your Welcome Sequence Making a Lasting First Impression?