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By now I’m sure we’ve met (albeit virtually) here and there around my website, but let me give you a quick BTS snapshot of why I’m super excited for you to fill out this form. 

See, I launched my online career several years ago as a personal finance blogger (yay, budgets!). Blogging taught me the power of email marketing as a way to connect with my audience on a personal level — and be surprised by how they wanted to connect with me too!. 

I started Duett to blend my data and tech-loving brain with my apt for strategic thinking and copywriting so that I could help other bloggers do the same. 

Can we help you create an email marketing strategy that helps you connect with your audience too?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do!

While the Email Strategy Playbook and Email Strategy Intensive require payment in-full in order to book your project, the Duett Debut can either be paid in-full (with a small discount) or through 6 monthly payments.

Nope! Our services are a great fit for when you need to connect with your list (outside of social media), sell something, and drive traffic to your site, podcast, sponsors or affiliates.

We help your audience meet you, fall in love with your content, and continue to engage with you on the journey (with you as their beloved guide!) as you send out every new email and connect them to your content ecosystem.

While you don’t need to be a blogger, you do need to have plenty of existing content (blog posts, podcast episodes, resources, etc) and be pretty dang excited to share your message in order to make the most of our services.

That said, most of our clients are bloggers — some with products, courses and memberships — and here’s what they have to say about the power of email marketing:

Marcie Bidou of Flavor the Moments says her email marketing “engages subscribers right away by giving them personal insight into my food journey and how my site is structured.”

Elena Davis of CucinabyElena says her sequences “bring traffic to older blog posts in a consistent way.”

And Sharon Garofalow of Cupcakes and Cutlery says her emails “allow me to repurpose content and ensure my subscribers are seeing my popular posts - and it’s done on autopilot!” 

We typically book projects 1-2 months in advance, so let’s hop on a call sooner, rather than later. Our process is refined, yet involved, which requires us to hyperfocus on individual clients through the length of their project in order to deliver our best work.

Want to see when we’re available? Book a free Discovery Call here.

We’ll let our amazing clients handle this one!

Sara Dunn of Sara Does SEO says, “Allea worked so hard to truly understand my voice, my complicated service, and how I liked to present my business. Every time Allea writes for me, she delights me with her knowledge of online business. She doesn't just write what I tell her to but goes above and beyond to suggest additions that make my offers better.”

Sharon Garofalow also says, “I struggle with copywriting so I was blown away by the copy. It not only sounds like me but feels super natural in a way that I couldn't have written myself. I am so grateful to Allea and team for helping to overcome a hurdle I felt like was holding me back.”

Elena Davis also says, “I already had many personal stories on my blog that went with my recipes. The Duett team put together an amazing sequence that represented my brand beautifully. Allea's idea for a pasta course has also been a huge hit!”

So yes, they’ll still sound like you. 😉

Yes! For those on limited budgets, we recommend looking into our Email Marketing Intensive — it’s a 2-hour, one-on-one coworking call with Allea. We’ll tackle your biggest questions — whether strategy, copywriting or the email tech side of things — and FAST. You can learn more about our intensives here!

Once you complete your Client Fit form to learn about our email marketing services, be sure to check your email! We will send you an email right away to schedule your Discovery Call! 

During the call, we’ll learn what you’re hoping to accomplish and see which Duett service is best for you. After our call, you’ll receive a proposal outlining your project scope, timeline and deliverables. Once you’ve completed your contract and made your initial deposit, we’ll officially put your project on our calendars!


Duett is based in Lincoln, Nebraska, and we work with talented content creators and bloggers from all over the world. To hop on a Discovery Call and learn more about how we support our clients — and can do the same for you! — please fill out our Client Fit form below.

Whether you need a complete overhaul of your email marketing setup or another pair of (20/20 expert-level) eyes on your existing email marketing strategy, we’re cheering you on and would love to work together!

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