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Newsflash — you totally can! Every month I host Email Marketing Answers with Allea — a FREE email marketing workshop via Zoom. We call it a “roundtable,” and I usually kick things off with a short presentation on an email marketing topic before we dive into your Q&A’s. And I’ve got great news — there’s a spot with your name on it!

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I’m Allea (like “Allie”), and I’m an email marketing strategist and conversion copywriter who loves to get her head out of a spreadsheet from time-to-time to teach bloggers and content creators how to make a lasting first impression through automated welcome and nurture sequences. 

Why automated sequences? These sequences are a new subscriber’s welcoming committee, and they make the absolute biggest impact on the health, profitability, and success of an email list — and therefore, business. Great sequences engage readers, hook them up with a blogger’s best content, build brand loyalty, and optimize conversions for sales and site traffic.

In a nutshell, I love sharing my process for learning more about your audience, creating an email marketing strategy that just makes sense for your community, and writing copy that moves people to action.

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I’m Allea — email strategy expert, conversion copywriter, and marketing strategist

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Connect with other bloggers, content creators, service providers, and online business owners just like you who are doing the thing, putting the work in, and learning how they, too, can leverage email marketing strategy for their business. 

During a roundtable, I show up (often with notes and bullet points!) to dive into a unique workshop topic so that we can help you grow your blog through email marketing. 

Then, the best part. I answer YOUR questions. Live.

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Jessica Haggard, Primal Edge Health

“Now, I'm ready to talk with these people and LOVE them. I sorted out my notes from yesterday's roundtable and thought (for the first time ever) I could be an email person. You know, the blogger that writes to their people every. single. day. That could be me! 

I'm not making that an official goal, but just realizing it as a possibility was surprising and exciting enough.”

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