Sure, email marketing strategy can feel confusing some days, exhausting others — but my goal is for you to feel excited about creating sequences that engage, nurture, and inform your email subscribers. Brand loyalty + increased revenue, here we come!

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Use these practical ways to improve how you build relationships with new subscribers — through providing long-term value — from the start. 

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If you’re new to email marketing, this 5-part framework will provide clear steps to write your first automated Welcome Sequence. Make a meaningful & lasting first impression with your new email subscribers. Start writing your Welcome Sequence today.

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and I’m an email marketing strategist, conversion copywriter, and a huge believer in your message and the value you bring to your community through your content.

I know you want to connect — like really, truly connect — with your readers so you can drive traffic to your website and keep them engaged with your brand. To do that, you need to do more than send consistent emails — you need a strategic welcome and nurture sequence that creates immediate connection, puts your best content forward, and paves the way for a long-standing, rich relationship between you and your subscribers.

But I also know that it’s hard to write emails when you’re not quite sure what problem is that you solve, what your audience really wants from you, or how to create an email marketing strategy that could deliver ALL of this in the right way. 

That’s why my goal as your email marketing strategist is to intimately learn your voice, brand, intention, and secret superpowers and blend (all of) that together with conversion copywriting to breathe new life into your email strategy so you can truly nurture and engage your audience.

Hi, I’m Allea (sounds like “Allie”) Grummert —

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If you need fast action — with a pair of expert eyes on your email strategy, existing copywriting or if you need help setting up your automated emails — this 2-hour coworking session is for you!

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Our team of copywriters and strategists will create a custom 15-email strategy — with emails written and set up FOR you — so you can confidently welcome and nurture new subscribers.

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Learn what is currently working, what isn’t — and what’s possible — within your existing email marketing strategy. We’ll dive in and deliver action points for you to get things back on track.

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We’re the email marketing and copywriting team 100% committed to helping you make a solid first impression with your email list so you can engage new subscribers right from the start, build brand loyalty, boost revenue, and grow your community.

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